Thursday, May 12, 2011

What's in a name?

I just read an interesting article in the New York Times about how today's "young-ish" grandparents don't want to be called the traditional names because they don't want to feel old.  I had to laugh as we were queried regularly as to what we wanted to be called when our first grandchild was about to arrive.  Her southern grandparents had a lot of ideas, including meemaw, peepaw, mimi, pappa -- I don't even know how to spell them (but you know who you are!)  At one point our son said "This is SO not a problem in my family!"  We were the more traditional grandparents, I guess, assuming we'd just go with "grandma" and "grandpa."  I have a good friend who managed to have "grandmother" stick with her grandson. 

So we went with the traditional but as soon as our oldest granddaughter began to talk, she shortened the "grandma" to Ahma and Ahma it has been.  The other grandkids took it up as well, and that's who I am.  My husband, on the other hand, remained "Grandpa Ken," until a younger grandchild shortened that to "Bompa."  A local grandson, who had another name for him by then, finally said, "I guess I'll call him Bompa -- everybody else does!"  When he really wants to get a point across or get his attention, he calls him "Bomp!"

And those southern name-calling grandparents?  Well, we have Ahma Peggy, Ahma Karen, and me!  I say let the kids name us, but we at least need to give them a starting point that they can morph!  And whether we choose a name we think will make us seem younger or not, you can't fool the kids.  One day my grandson said, "Ahma, you're really OLD!"  Yup, and I love being a grandmother, whatever you want to call me! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Negligee

Here's a post Mother's Day story about an incident that happened with my mother.  My sister and I visited our parents in Arizona for their 67th wedding anniversary.  While there, my sister and my mom went shopping, paid for their purchases, got back into the car and drove back to mom's home.  Upon arriving in the parking lot, my sister asked mom what she had on her back, as something was peeking around the corner of her shoulder.  Imagine their surprise when they found THIS hooked to the back of my mom's jacket, hanger in the back of her neck, complete with bikini underwear! So much for tight security in the shopping center, no one even noticed, including mom and my sister.

Embarrassed, not wanting to be taken as shoplifters, my sister returned the item to the store and told the store personnel that her 85-year-old mother had gotten this for her 67th wedding anniversary but decided it wasn't quite right!  Then she told them the real story and everyone laughed hysterically.

My mother (and my dad) had so much fun with this story.  My sister took the pictures and had them enlarged for the anniversary party.  My mom told the story again and again and her friends laughed uproariously with each new telling.  My sister and I went back to the store and bought the negligee, presenting it to mom for her anniversary!  My dad hung it on the back of the door in their apartment for all to see! 

Here's the final picture.  We will remember this story for years to come.  So glad you enjoyed it, Mom!